This morning I just started tweeting. One tweet turned into seven all about tonight’s show Sacrifice on Pop TV. The subject was the continuing conflict of “The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs. Ethan Carter The Third. The seven tweets didn’t feel enough.

Words. There are a lot of them that come into play in putting together any creative endeavor. Communication is built upon language and the words strung together in creating emotions. The story that brings Mike Bennett and EC3 together is one that shines the light on good communication.

A few years ago, a talent reached out wanting a chance. That talent was EC3. He came to our team in the hopes of proving what he believed about himself. Since that first day he walked out on Impact over thirty months ago, he has evolved. The rich, entitled character who gained entry via nepotism, has had his universe change around him. He’s been forced to adapt to the changing landscape. If you’ve followed along his journey, it’s been meteoric success in his opponents, stories and. arc. In that time, the performer has taken the skin of the character and made it his own. He’s proven that the word to be sum up his ability — versatile.

In the last year, two other talents joined our family. Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett. In different universes, our paths have crossed before. One a prodigy in hopes of teaching an audience he was better than he thought, the other a one dimensional archetype of a man’s vision of women. They both came to this company looking for a new challenge. They wanted to show those who put them in a box that they could expand past their confined existence. Even though the word attached to the new character, their success was no “miracle.” It was based upon hard work, talent and drive. Much like EC3

On January 12th, The Miracle meet EC3 for the first time. Watch here. In reality, the first confrontation was scheduled for the January 5th edition of Impact but timing and circumstance changed that. These two powers are seemingly drawn together for similar reasons. It’s these reasons that make them excellent dancing partners. In their first confrontation, their characters didn’t play traditional roles, instead simply a conversation that hinged on character traits. And in that confrontation, the dye was cast for the future.

In working with both, our team has seen such great ability, adaptability, and longevity. Josh Mathews uttered that these characters might be destined to this forever. Great chemistry fueled by common goals and desire to out do the others. In front of the camera and behind the scenes, this has been the rocket fuel to grow the business. In a social media world destined to eat itself, swimming in negativity, these two characters are growing and battling it out over their work. Who can out do the other in promos, wrestling matches and growth of character. From 9pm to 11pm every Tuesday, they are putting their work on display for an audience looking for something deeper from their wrestling program.

Tonight, they have a match that it built upon the concepts discussed in here. The “Sacrifice” theme built upon EC3 never having been pinned or submitted in the thirty months and in “The Miracle” Mike Bennett being undefeated since walking in the door of TNA Impact Wrestling. Great conflict tied to backstory, character conflict and physical action. The payoff on tonight’s show can/will take their story in a new direction. And isn’t that what we want from all forms of entertainment. A built up expectation that leads to a decisive conclusion that takes the story in a whole new direction. That is the goal in Mike Bennett vs. EC3 tonight and the audience won’t be disappointed.

David Lagana