Day Four - Creating Every Day!


I set out on a mission a few days ago to create everyday.  I at first thought it should be a daily video but I realized that sometimes a video  just won’t manifest.  That’s the thing about creativity - it’s about doing the work.  It’s funny I write this on Labor Day.  Our American holiday of rest.  The first Monday of every September set aside for the last big bash of the summer.  And yet, I create.  Because if you want to be successful you need to put in the work.   Even on a set aside holiday.

The life of being a creative person (writer, performer, director, technician) means there are no bounds to where/how/when you get the opportunity to create.  Yesterday, WWE announced that they would be putting on a live show on Christmas Night and New Years night.  I’m not here to defend/endorse this decision nor am I here to vilify it either.  It’s a business decision.  A media machine like WWE is a giant beast, constantly needing to be being fed.  I worked every Monday holiday during my six years in WWE.  I worked New Years Day 2007 for WWE.  It’s the job.  The biggest money drawing days in professional wrestling during the 70s and 80s in some territories was Thanksgiving Night and Christmas Night.  Talents/creatives go where the work is, when the work happens.  

Our time is valuable; as is the audience’s time. So Labor Day is a time for rest.  Yet, I wanted to create.  My thought on the video I wanted to do didn’t get past the starting blocks but I knew I am on a mission.  If you haven’t checked out the vlogs - watch them here.  Sometimes, we can’t show off the creative work we’re doing because it’s not ready, it’s in process or it’s not very good.  The goal of my daily creative challenge is simply - start, execute, finish something everyday.  Not to worry about anything beyond the task at hand.  Why this challenge?  


Everyone has a different approach to their creative process.  Writer’s block, as it’s called, is really just our mind working hard. Resistance by the mind is this weird natural defense to stop outside stimulus from coming at us.  Every have a thought and wanted to share it with a group but afraid of what people will say?  That’s your mind creating and then stopping.  Seems Twitter has gotten rid of some of this filter for some; but also protects from actually seeing the feedback.  There are a few great books about getting rid of these types of blocks.  The War of Art ( and Creativity, Inc (  Both are written by powerhouses of creative that show that if you approach your creative journey differently, you’ll find the way.  


I have always worked well in a rhythm.  In writing for professional wrestling for 15 years, there is a crazy rhythm to writing for the sport. As described above, it’s a beast that constantly wants to be fed.  You don’t get 10 weeks to perfect one show or promo. Sometimes you get 10 minutes.  The key is being ready.  Creating everyday sharpens your skills; making key, critical decisions at moments of creative inspiration to complete the task.  It’s not about excuses, writer’s block or anything other than simply doing the work.  No matter the day.  And if you don’t feel like it - that’s fine.  Just keep on creating when you want but realize the more prepared you are, the better you’ll be.  


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