My passion for wrestling is not a new thing.  Every since I was ten years old discovering the sport on a local UHF station in Philadelphia I've been hooked.  Over the last thirty years I've gone from being a fan in the last row of the Philadelphia Spectrum to returning to my hometown to produce WWE Smackdown from the Wells Fargo Center.  The energy, excitement and drama created from a wrestling show is hard to match in any other form of entertainment.   What you'll find here is a collection of moments I helped create, behind the scenes stories via my podcast from 2011 #IWantWrestling and new content I'm creating in 2017.  

#IWantWrestling Podcast

From Jan 2011 until October 2011, I created a podcast that looked into the process of storytelling of professional wrestling from a totally different angle.  The mission of #IWantWrestling, beyond an annoying hashtag, was to give a new way to look at how their favorite sport was created.   "Formerly Creative" was a segment where former writers spoke on their experiences creating the brand of Sports Entertainment.